Character Shaped Air Dancers

Every business needs Air Dancer because it is a way to attract people. This sign of attraction help you to build impression on others. Inflatable tube and several giant balloons cost very low but help enormous. Air Dancers can help you increase traffic up to 20%. You can use it at door front of your shop or if you have mart then use it inside, where it seems to be most suitable.

Its proper use can increase your business. Furthermore, you can use it for sales to increase the allure of your shop. To make your celebration like birthday parties unique and more enjoyable, you must prefer using air dancer instead of calling puppets. This change will inspire children in the most fun and entertaining way.

  • Tube Men As Your favourite Character

Tube Man is also known as Air dancer or sky dancer. It is long tube like moving character that is attached by an electrical fan. These can easily be customized into your kid’s favourite character like Doramon or maybe Scooby Doo, any character that they look up to and make their day extra special.

The flex material is best to use for tube men. We do not use Nylon material because the tube men which are made of Nylon never last long and fade away quickly. Because we aim at making your celebrations memorable, we focus on using quality fabric that brings forward the colour and textures much clearly and leaves a lasting impression on those who lay eyes on it.

The Character Air dancer is used by utilizing different colours. The Dancer may be of one colour or of multiple colours. But the bright colour will be eye catching. Second thing is to select what to write on air dancer because it must be related to your business for example best in vertical pattern.

  • Air Blower Motor

Air blower Motor contain motor inside. You can place it 20 feet away from the front door.

Air Dancer can be used everywhere, though it is house party, shop opening ceremony, exhibition or any restaurant, it increases the beauty of that place. To speed up the whole blowing up process, never forget to use air blower which will help you save time and energy.