20ft OIL Change Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man wit Arrow Sign

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It comes like in the picture. Oil change Dancing Inflatable Balloon comes with arrow on it of oil change. Its 20 ft tall and is double side printed. We can make any custom dancer as per your requirement just call us or email us. We can add your logo or make in any color.



Best OIL Change Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man

We stand behind our products. All dancers are made with the best quality and last long. The most durable material used for manufacturing these dancers as compared with other dancers in the market. Do not be fooled when buying dancers from other vendors mostly are made in China and will only last a few weeks. All our dancers are MADE IN USA.

Oil Change Dancing Inflatable Attachment Comes With:

  • Dancing Inflatable Balloon comes OIL CHANGE message on it double side printed.
  • It comes with 1 carrying case.
  • It comes with oil change arrow.
  • Logo can be printed and its optional.
  • We can make any customize Dancing Inflatable Balloon as per your requirement.
  • 20 ft tall.
  • All our dancers goes with 18 inch diameter blower.
  • Comes with VELCRO on the bottom for attaching with the blower.


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