Smoke Shop Tube Man

Smoke Shop Air Dancer

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Smoke Shop Air Dancer Tube Man with arrow: 20 ft
Smoke shop air dancer comes in black color with white letters printed.on it. Smoke shop dancer is double printed. It comes with both hands printed too.



Smoke Shop Inflatable Tube Man –WITH ARROW: HOOKAH & HAND PIPES:

Smoke shop dancer comes with smoke shop double printed on it. Both hands comes with a messag of “Hookah & HAND PIPES.
We are offering the best variety in the Smoke shop air dancer tube man for marketing campaigns, brand promotion, increase sales, for businesses inquiries, and charity events.

SMOKE SHOP AIR DANCER Attachment Comes With:

  • SMOKE SHOP AIR DANCEd double side printed.
  • It comes with 1 carrying case.
  • Logo is printed and its optional.
  • We can make any custom Dancing Inflatable Balloon as per your requirement.
  • it comes with 18 inches velcro mount.


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