Giant Inflatable Rooftop Balloons

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Giant Inflatable Rooftop Balloons


In an increasingly competitive environment, business owners are seeking out of the box methods to grab attention and promote their products and services. One of the best ways to attract attention for is by using advertising balloons. Visible for miles around, giant inflatable rooftop balloons are an excellent way to make a store stand out. Think back to the last time you were driving around and saw a rooftop balloon installation – chances are you did a double take and noticed that business. You may even have stopped there to pick up some items on offer. The reason behind that is simple: our brains are wired to pick up things that stand out from the rest. This simple principle is the reason why you will spot giant inflatable rooftop balloons from afar but fail to notice a “clearance sale” sign taped up on the inside of a storefront.

The Benefits of Using Giant Inflatable Rooftop Balloons:

Simply put, advertising inflatables are a show stopper and appeal to audiences of all ages, young and old. In other words, giant advertising balloons give you the opportunity to promote your business and products, build brand loyalty, and raise consumer awareness. The biggest advantage of using inflatable balloons is the sheer number of possible shapes, sizes, and colors you can use. You can even order your business mascot or any number of other available options. Promotional inflatables go a long way when launching a new product or service, and you can improve brand recognition by using a customized inflatable, recognizable by a distinct shape, color, and logo.

We offer giant inflatable balloons in different shapes, including round balloons. We also have custom designed balloons in various shapes and sizes to match your particular marketing requirements and promote your business in the best way that matches your corporate identity. You can select a rooftop balloon from hundreds of characters such as gorilla, MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, and Orange mobile among others. These balloons are made of the highly durable best quality material available and easily last a couple of years. The normal size of the balloons is twenty to twenty-five feet high, but we can make any custom size according to your requirement.

All of our balloons come with a promotional banner message on it. Whatever banner or message you want to promote your business, we will print it and put it on the rooftop balloon to make it visible for miles. It will increase your visibility and profit. Instead of spending thousands on TV, radio, or other ad campaigns, try out inflatable advertising. It will be much more cheaper and efficient. A one-time investment in rooftop balloons will last a few years. It will be an eye catching, attention grabbing innovation that will increase traffic. Installing a rooftop balloon will increase your daily and monthly sales by thirty to fifty percent!

One of the biggest benefits of using advertising inflatables is the one-time investment. Inflatables don’t need any special upkeep or maintenance, simple inflate them and they are ready to go. What’s more, they can also be uninstalled, packed, moved, and re-installed at another location. Advertising truly doesn’t get any better than this, and an investment in promotional balloons generates several times the return on investment as compared to other methods. What’s better than having a fun, standout way to get your message across to consumers without having to pay through the nose every time you use it?


In addition to directly promoting sales, custom inflatable advertising can also be used at various trade shows, public events, and fairs to make your booth more attractive. Driving visitors to your business at a public event can prove to be an uphill task, with hundreds of competitors around, but using custom inflatable balloons to promote your business will leave a lasting impression. Get in touch with Payless Balloons Advertising for all your custom inflatable advertising needs. If you are looking for the best advertising balloons, you are in the right place. No matter what kind of custom inflatable balloons you may need, we have you covered. Whether you want that standard rooftop hot air balloon, an android inflatable, or a giant animal, Payless Balloons Advertising is your one stop shop for high quality custom inflatable balloons.

Payless Balloons Advertising offers professional installing service for giant inflatable rooftop balloons. Our professional installers can install the rooftop balloon for you in a way that maximizes visibility and increases brand visibility. If you want to install a rooftop balloon yourself, our team can give you special training on all the steps for installation once you buy the product from us. If you are looking for the best quality material inflatable balloons in hundreds of shapes, round balloons, and exclusive designed inflatable balloons for your company, look no further! Payless Balloons Advertising offers a complete package for all of your needs.

Rooftop Balloons Reviews: The giant inflatable balloons come in different shapes. we have hundreds of characters to choose from. we have round balloon as well. all the balloons are 20 to 25 feet and we can make any size as per customer requirement. material is heavy duty. its the best quality. it will last couple of comes with a promotional banner message on it. whatever banner you want it we will print it and put it up on the rooftop balloon. it increases 30 to 50 percent sales daily or monthly. increases profit. increases visibility. those people who spend money on tv radio and billboards this is much cheaper for them. you spend thousand dollars on other campaigns but trying rooftop inflatable is the cheapest advertising which is eye catching and increases traffic. all people look at it.we are professional installers we can install it for you and we can train you to install it yourself. give you all the steps for installation once you buy the product from us. material acha hai quality achi hai different round balloons metropcs boost mobile characters gorilla orange color boost mobile exclusive any company. its a complete package.


In an increasingly competitive economy, business owners are adopting new unconventional trends to market their products and services to consumers. Some businesses invest millions on social media, others head back to traditional methods of advertising such as relying on leaflets and handouts. Between the two extremes lies a whole new area of untapped possibilities: advertising inflatables. Think about the last time you saw inflatables being used to promote a brand. Chances are, you did a double take and you may even have stopped for a closer look. Fun, colorful and inviting, air dancers and other inflatables are a great way to get the word out about your business and directly reach consumers.

Using Inflatables is a Powerful Strategy:
If you are a business owner or marketing manager looking to promote your brand, there are a few reasons why air dancers and other inflatables should be at the top of your list. For starters, inflatables can be customized to almost any extent imaginable; with varying shapes, colors, and sizes on offer. On top of that, you can also get your logo and custom message printed on inflatables for everyone to see.

Another advantage of using inflatables is capturing attention quickly and effectively. Air dancers can be prepared with any customizable message. We can print any promotional message of your choice to make your air dancer special. Moreover, we offer air dancers in any size, any color, any shape, and any style to match your business requirements and promote your brand in the best way possible. We have hundreds of air dancers to choose from. Air dancers and most other inflatables are mobile, so you can easily take them along on business trips, events, fairs, and other special occasions to promote your brand. No matter what kind of product you are marketing, or special occasion you are celebrating, our range of fully customizable air dancers in different sizes is perfect for your needs.

The deciding factor when ordering a promotional item comes down to cost effectiveness. Air dancers and other similar inflatables are a one-time investment that last a lifetime. Inflatables requires little or no upkeep, and the flexibility to have them customized to match your business mascot, colors, logo, and theme makes them a winning solution to marketing woes.

If you want the best quality blowers for air dancers, look no further! We offer two types of heavy duty, high quality blowers. For 20 feet air dancers, we offer an 18 inch Velcro mount blower. A smaller 12 inch Velcro mount blower is available for air dancers of 10 feet size. These best quality blowers come with a one year manufacturer warranty. They are weather resistant and can be used outdoors reliably. High quality blowers use electricity efficiently and are easy to set up. If you want to set up air dancers in a dark area or at night, you should definitely check out LED blowers. These blowers are equipped with lights to make your air dancer visible for miles around. We also offer simple Non-LED blowers to meet your individual requirements.

Setting Up Inflatables:
Air dancers and other inflatables require little effort to set up. One thing you do have to be mindful of though, is the size. It is also crucial to take into account the movement of air dancers and ensure that they won’t obstruct any exits or access areas. While setting up inflatables, it is also important to ensure that they won’t affect any electrical installations or wiring.

Setting up inflatables is really simple if you use a special air dancer blower. These inflatable balloon blowers are designed to offer a powerful method to get your air dancers and other inflatables ready for show time! On top of that, blowers for dancing inflatable balloons are energy efficient and won’t unnecessarily strain your power connection.

Here at Payless Balloons Advertising, we are firmly committed to offering you a one stop solution for all of your inflatable advertising needs. Our large selection of blowers includes some pretty nifty deals, and we have something for every budget. Whether you are looking to decorate your stand at an event or add inflatables  to your entire store, reliable air dancer blowers are just a click away!

Feedback: focus air dancer two types of blowers 18 inch ka blower 20 ft air dancer. 10 ft air dancer 12 inch ka blower. velcro mount 12 inches 18 inches velcro mount. 1 year warranty by the manufacturer weather resistant heavy duty blower low electricity best quality blower led blower non led blower led can be used at night will put light on the dancer increase visibility improve your marketing strategy it will be visible miles away its eye catching its attention seeking dont mention its colorful or custom message only focus on the product. blower positive things, heavy duty. air dancer benefits and positive things like customizable message we can print any promotional message any size any color any shape any style we can print anything you like as per your requirement we have hundreds of air dancers to choose from. dont talk about social media.

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