Guide to Buying a 20ft Tall Bacon Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man

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20ft Tall Bacon Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man

Guide to Buying a 20ft Tall Bacon Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man

Watch Customers Flock to Your Business with This Unbelievable Bacon Mascot – They Can’t Resist

When it comes to making your business stand out, few advertising methods can beat the visibility and whimsy of a 20ft tall air dancer. And if you’re in the food industry, specifically if your menu features the ever-popular bacon, a Bacon Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man could be the perfect addition to your promotional arsenal. Here’s your comprehensive guide to buying a 20ft tall Bacon Air Dancer, sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by.

Understanding the Bacon Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man

A Bacon Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man is a giant, bacon-themed inflatable that is powered by an electric fan blower, causing it to dance and flail in the air. The towering 20ft height makes it visible from a distance, ensuring your establishment won’t be missed.

Features to Look For:

Material Quality: Durability is key for outdoor inflatables. Look for high-quality, rip-stop nylon that can withstand the elements.

Design Details: The bacon design should be realistic and appealing, with vibrant colors that resist fading.

Blower Compatibility: Ensure that the tube man is compatible with a powerful blower (not always included) that can keep it dancing all day long.

Safety Features: Check for features like heavy-duty stitching and added safety precautions to ensure it remains tethered, even in strong winds.

Benefits of the 20ft Tall Bacon Air Dancer:

  • Increased Foot Traffic: Its large size and unique appearance are effective at drawing attention and new customers to your location.
  • Versatile Advertising: It’s an ideal promotional tool for special events, sales, or just to increase everyday brand visibility.
  • Easy to Assemble and Maintain: Air dancers are generally easy to set up and can be maintained with minimal effort.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to ongoing advertising campaigns, a one-time purchase of an inflatable tube man is relatively inexpensive.

Installation Tips:

  1. Choose the Right Location: Place your air dancer in an open area where it can move freely and be seen from multiple angles.
  2. Secure Properly: Follow all instructions to ensure it’s well-anchored and safe.
  3. Electricity Access: Set up near a power source to keep the blower running without extension cords, if possible.

Where to Buy:

While these inflatable tube men are available at various retailers, purchasing from a specialized advertising product company can offer you the best quality and customization options. The featured product can be found on Payless Balloons Advertising, providing a tailored experience for your business’s needs.


The 20-tall Bacon Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man is an excellent investment for any business looking to increase visibility and add a touch of fun to their storefront. With its eye-catching design and towering presence, it serves as both an advertisement and a landmark. Just imagine the smiles and the Instagram posts it will generate, all while drawing customers towards the delicious scent of bacon at your establishment.

Ready to sizzle up your sales? Bring home the bacon with your very own Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man today and watch your business become the talk of the town! 🥓✨

CTA: 📢 Don’t Miss Out on the Ultimate Attention-Grabber! Order your 20ft Tall Bacon Air Dancer today and watch as your business becomes the new hotspot. Whether it’s for a special promotion or to jazz up your everyday curb appeal, this dancing delight is your ticket to unforgettable advertising. Get yours now and let your sales soar as high as your new bacon buddy! 🥓🎈

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