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Giant Inflatable Rooftop Balloons

Introduction: In an increasingly competitive environment, business owners are seeking out of the box methods to grab attention and promote their products and services. One of the best ways to attract attention for is by using advertising balloons. Visible for miles around, giant inflatable rooftop balloons are an excellent way to make a store stand out. Think back to the last time you were driving around and saw a rooftop balloon installation – chances are you did a double take [...]


Marketing Campaign With Wind Dancers

Wind dancers are also known as inflatable tube man, sky dancers, wind man or fly man with blowers are nothing but wind dancers balloons that are filled with helium and are used by companies for marketing and advertising their product or services. The fly man with blowers consists of long tube like sleeves and one end is tied to a wind blower, so that it makes the arm move in a wavy, dancing type of motion. They are usually more than twenty feet [...]