Marketing Campaign With Wind Dancers

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Marketing Campaign With Wind Dancers

Wind dancers are also known as inflatable tube man, sky dancers, wind man or fly man with blowers are nothing but wind dancers balloons that are filled with helium and are used by companies for marketing and advertising their product or services. The fly man with blowers consists of long tube like sleeves and one end is tied to a wind blower, so that it makes the arm move in a wavy, dancing type of motion. They are usually more than twenty feet high and can be easily spotted in the sky.

How to Buy an Wind Dancer

You can rend sky dancers from online sites or you can just order to and customize it the way you want, choosing the color, design, the logo and so on to suit your business requirements. It is possible to write the name and the contact number of the company on an air dancer. However, there may not be much space to write a long slogan, though you can fit in some catchy art work representing your company in order to grab the attention of people.

Things to look for while Ordering

When you order wind dancers, you need to keep in mind that the fabric and quality of the air dancer must be up to the standard. You must also get a guarantee that the product will be lasting and durable. Hence, look for a warranty when purchasing an inflatable tube man with blowers, as your advertising campaign success depends on the quality of the product.

Setting up the wind dancer with Blowers

It is possible to set up the wind dancer or the sky dancers in any location, such as in a stadium or a fair and even at the entrance of your shop or retail center. However, make sure to choose a location where your targeted customers are sure to come by. You can even set the wind dancers with blower on a roof or on top of a famous hotel or building with the logo of your company shown prominently.

After using them, you can just wrap them up and keep it away, of you want a seasonal advertisement. Wind dancer with blowers can be a great way for promoting your product or service. When buying blowers, make sure to buy those with powerful vortex fans and well designed fan blades for all types of advertising use. The blowers can be locked in place or moved as required and is quite silent, so that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Payless Balloons has several years of experience in creating and distributing wind dancers and sky dancers [] for businesses to advertise their products. On an average Payless Balloons wind dancers and sky dancers generate 30% gain in foot traffic. More details about Payless Balloons and their products can found in their website.

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