ENVIO DE DINERO Air Dancer Tube Man

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ENVIO DE DINERO Dancing Inflatable Balloon comes with printed message on it double side. Custom message is optional. This dancing balloon come in Mexico Flag color. It comes with double side printed message on it. Both hands comes with dinero/ carga on it. IDEAL FOR STORES WHO DO MONEY TRANSFERS.



Envio Dinero comes with double side printed message on it and both hands are printed too.The dancing balloon comes with mexico flag color. RED GREEN AND WHITE. Best selling product for all kind of money transfer stores. It is 20 ft tall comes with both hands printed message on it. We can make any custom dancing balloon as per customer requirement free of charge.

ENVIO DE DINERO MEXICAN FLAG Dancing Inflatable Balloon 20 feets tall Specs:

  • Material: Highly strength polyamide nylon w/ added tarpaulin
  • Diameter is 18 inches with velcro mounts.
  • Color of the Dancing Inflatable Balloon is same as the picture.
  • It is specially Designed Fade Resistant. Will no get fade in the heat.
  • It is compatible with all the velcro blowers.
  • Letters are printed with latest technology.
  • Size of this Dancing Inflatable Balloon is 20 feets tall


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