Smoke Shop Air Dancer

10 ft Smoke Shop Air Dancer Black

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Smoke Shop Air Dancer Comes With Double Side Logo Printed On It. 10 ft tall dancing inflatable balloon increases the visibility of the businesses. It comes with logo printed on front and back.



10 Ft Air Dancer Black. We Can Make Custom Dancers Too. Logo Is Printed Digitally And Will Not Fade. It Is Made With Best Quality Of Material Last Longer Than Others Dancers.

Smoke Shop Air Dancer is 10  ft tall just like in the picture. Sometimes the property does not have enough roof space 10 ft  dancer works in best limited space. It comes with 12 inches velcro mount. works with all kind of blowers.

Smoke Shop Air Dancer Specifications

  • Material: Highly strength polyamide nylon w/ added tarpaulin
  • Diameter is 12 inches with velcro mounts.
  • Color of the Dancing Inflatable Balloon is same as the picture.
  • It is specially Designed Fade Resistant. Will no get fade in the heat.
  • It is compatible with all the velcro blowers.
  • Letters are printed with latest technology.
  • Size of this Dancing Inflatable Balloon is 10 feets tall


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