5 Things To Consider When Thinking Of Inflatable Air Dancers

How to Choose Best Inflatable Air Dancer?

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5 Things To Consider When Thinking Of Inflatable Air Dancers

5 Things To Consider When Thinking Of Inflatable Air Dancers

What is Air Dancer Inflatable?

Inflatable tube man is also known as an air dancer and sky dancer. Originally it was called tallboy. It consists of a long fabric tube, powered by an electrical fan. The fan blows air through the fabric tube, which in turn causes the tube to move in a swinging motion. These air dancers are usually used for the purpose of brand promotion.

Are you searching for air dancers? Then following are some tips to be considered when going for air dancers;


The height of the air dancer is what matters when thinking to buy one. Taller is the air dancer; better the attention it gets because visibility is the key in business! People are more drawn towards huge, catchy, and engaging branding content. Payless’ air dancers come in various sizes from 10ft air dancer-30 ft. The dramatic effect that a 20 feet air dancer can cause can never be produced with a short inflatable tube man. That’s why it is important to pick an air dancer between 16 feet air dancers to 30 feet. Try Payless’ air dancers and see the flocking of customers into your business!


Psychology of color can be used for branding. It’s a very important element when it comes to a brand promotion. Payless’ air dancers come in screaming colors because we believe that COLORS DRAWS CROWDS. A dull and cranky inflatables tube man swaying from side to side gets very little attention.

Payless offers you custom air dancers with bold font designs, bright and ambitious colors of your choice! So contact us for these silly looking, somewhat goofy and extended product, and get your business the recognition it deserves!

TIP#3-Go for companies offering inflatable air dancers at affordable prices

What is better than an eye-catching advertisement of your brand at affordable rates? Payless offers custom air dancers’ at the most affordable prices for brand advertisement and occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, and New Year. Because we believe that every business no matter small or big, deserves attention! So explore our website and pay less on branding with Payless’ air dancers.

TIP#4-Quality of material

It is very important to pick an air dancer that is not just attractive but also long-lasting. We strongly believe in selling the best only! We use special high-quality fabric, designed for this exact purpose, for the construction of air dancer. No matter whether it is a plain air dancer or a holiday one, quality has always been our priority.

From celebrating important events to selling your business idea, these cheerful, funny, and colorful inflatable air dancers from us can assist you in achieving your targets in a much more charming way. Be it for brand promotion or birthday celebration, we have the finest quality air dancers that are aimed at making your events successful and unforgettable. So make people remember your brand’s name with Payless’ inflatable tube man.

TIP#5-Easy to put up and takedown

Payless’ air dancers are not just eye-catching and durable but are also easy to set up and take down and then stored for later use. They come with cases and can be operated with all types of blowers.

So purchase plain air dancers, holiday air dancers, or custom air dancers from us and add a unique touch to your celebrations!

Best Air Dancers/Inflatables That Will Surely Get People’s Attention


They say that visibility is the key in business. It is the human psyche that they are attracted to catchy and engaging branding content. But very few are able to afford to have an ad appear on TV or advertisements in the local dailies since such branding isn’t cheap. But don’t worry! Payless offers you with a fun and most importantly affordable way to have clients flocking into your business. And that is Payless air dancer inflatables!

Branding is now easy with Payless!

We offer you with the best air dancers in terms of height, colors, price and quality. Our colorful and tall air dancers not only attract kids and teens but also adults with their comic and amazing movements.

From our pool of inflatable air dancers including plain air dancers, holiday air dancers, custom air dancers, and inflatable tube man and air dancers for Christmas and New Year, you can definitely find one that perfectly fits your business idea or the theme of your occasion!

Top 10 Air Dancers/Inflatables Of 2021 Reviewed

Following are our top air dancers that are ideal for your business and event requirements;

  1. Air dancer tube man with arrow head: We offer you arrow head air dancers with printed messages of your choice. Our air dancers are made of the finest material because near us quality is what really matters!
  2. Two legs tube man: How about welcoming your clients with a 20ft smiley face air dancer inflatable? Try our smiley faced air dancers and then see the magic yourself!
  3. 10ft air dancers: Highly preferable for small events or gatherings.
  4. plain air dancers:  Simple and fully customized plan tube man air dancers for the new year and winter sale etc.
  5. Character shaped air dancers: Most admired by kids! So give your kid a reason to laugh on his/her birthday party by contacting us.
  6. 20ft air dancers: Can easily be seen from a distance. So isn’t the type of advertisement you were looking for?
  7. Custom air dancers: Payless also entertains customize orders. Whether you want a message printed on your air dancer or an air dancer of a particular color, contact us now!
  8. Mini air dancers: Small packages for inflatable tube man air dancers for parties, birthdays, and offices guideline or real estate properties marketing.
  9. 30ft air dancers: fully customize tall tube man air dancers for all kinds of business promotion and events marketings.
  10. Holiday air dancers: Holiday air dancers can be the best marketing tool. They can easily draw a large crowd. As Christmas is around the corner, try our holiday air dancer inflatables and take your business where you have always dreamed it to be.


It’s time to hype up your business with Payless air dancers!

Are you an entrepreneur? Thinking how to attract more audience into your business? Then we know how to make it possible for you. The hype is what really matters when running a business. In order to gain the attention of potential customers, you need to use catchy advertising means. And air dancers can easily grab people’s attention just by their height and funny movements. So why to invest in TV or local dailies, when Payless is offering you budget-friendly air dancers, which can do the same job but more efficiently! Check out our immense collection of inflatable air dancers and drop us a call! We would love to work for you!

Advertising Air Dancers For Rent

Are you having a low budget? Want to grab the attention of a large crowd with few dollars? Wondering how to make your couple of day’s event exciting? Then Payless air dancer is all what you need! Our eye-catching inflatable air dancers are not just for sale but for rent too. So pick one or more according to your need from Payless air dancer’s collection, and make people remember your business or event!

Top Air Dancer Seller In Houston, Texas USA

Searching for top air dancer sellers in Houston? Want to buy or rent a quality product for just a few dollars? Then you are at the right station! Payless is your one-stop-shop for all your advertisement needs! We can proudly say that we are the top air dancer supplier in Houston, Texas. This is because our products have the following specifications;

  • Made of lightweight material: Our inflatable air dancers are easy to put up and down as they are made of light but excellent material! So no worries about the hectic installations with Payless air dancers!
  • Attractive designs: Our attractive designs of air dancers are themselves enough to grab passerby’s attention.
  • Variety of colorful options: We offer you, air dancers, in a number of colors. So just contact us and tell us what color of inflatable air dancer you want!

So whether you want to grab people’s attention to your business or add colors to your events, we have all that you need!

How To Choose The Best Inflatables Air Dancers

How To Choose The Best Inflatables Air Dancers

Do you want more people to visit your stall? Are you in business and want to stand tall among your competitors? Are you wondering how to keep guests entertained in an upcoming party of yours? Then funny, eye-catching air dancer, outside your premises is all that you need!

Air dancers are known not just for magnetizing people’s attention but also have proven to escalate human traffic to a brand. Air dancer inflatables are much more pocket friendly if compared to other forms of advertisements. So why go for an advertisement in a local daily when these glee-looking air dancers are available to you! Also who doesn’t love to save a dollar or two in business?

The Ultimate Buying Guide

These happy-go-lucky inflatable air dancers are well known for turning around a business or bring life to any occasion. Customize messages regarding what your business offers can be designed into the air dancers and they can easily be seen and read from far. But what exactly you need to consider when going for an air dancer tube man? Following are a number of things you need to keep in mind whenever shopping around for an inflatable air dancer tube men;

  • How Tall Should The Air Dancer Be?

We believe that the higher the air dancer, the better the attention it gets! Payless offers its customers, air dancers of various heights. For a dramatic effect, the ideal height for air dancers would be from 10 ft. to 30 ft. And we can proudly say that we offer heights in between the range mentioned above! However you may not want your tube man to be so tall that people find it difficult to read the message on it. Our 10 ft. and 20 ft. air dancers are the most wanted for such reason. So don’t think much and book your business an inflatable air dancer, and make your business get noticed from far too!


Color composition is what really matters when setting for an air dancer. As colorful nature attracts crowds, so the more happy go lucky a color is, the more attention your air dancer receives!  So if you don’t want a dull and grumpy looking air dancer, dancing side to side outside your business, then contact us! With us you will get variety of colorful options to choose from.


To keep the air dancer afloat up in the air, a blower plays the major role. We offer air dancers with blowers of very good quality. They are easy to set up and run in minutes. Moreover our blowers come with very good quality fans. They have high horsepower and are not loud. This characteristic is what makes our blowers stand out from the ones available in market.

But don’t worry if you don’t want a blower. Our air dancers can also be filled with the standard blowers available in the market. You will just have to make sure that the fan of the blower has enough horsepower to keep the blower going for hours. If it goes off, your air dancer would tumble down within seconds.


Weather element should also be considered when buying promotional air dancers. An air dancer made of poor quality material dwindles if put in sunlight for too long. While some air dancers don’t work well in wet conditions, thus limiting their use to specific weather conditions. But those issues don’t arise with Payless air dancers. We design our air dancers in such a way that they can be placed outside for longer periods of time. We also ensure that our products can withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong winds or direct sunlight. Our air dancers are made up of strong material that does not even rip when the winds are too strong. So don’t you want an inflatable air dancer that lasts much longer?


Now a day there is nothing new and exciting about advertisements on TVs and local dailies. So how to make a business, stand tall amongst all? How to draw a line between you and your competitors? How to make your business get the most attention? Only Payless has the solution to all your problems. And that is the use of promotional air dancers!

Every market of sellers has some iconic representation of themselves and air dancer inflatables are really a modern way to represent the products more wisely. Everything that is used to dance in the air, attract the eyes of many people. It is not only about the people but it let the children too feel to be happy. From selling your business idea to celebrating important events, these bright, fun and colorful tube man from us can help you achieve your targets in a much more entertaining way. Be it a promotional activity or a Christmas party, we have the best quality air dancers that are aimed at making your events fruitful and memorable.


At our website you will get all the information from A-Z regarding the product. We provide you with the product price and its details right with the product’s image. We do this to make the decision making process easy for you. So browse our website to get one or more according to your need and budget!

Buy Best Air Dancer Under $100-(2021)

Marcos Pizza Inflatable Tube Man With ArrowJust like the company name, you will have to pay less for this new and cute way of advertising. Following are some of the many characteristics of our inflatable air dancers that will surely make you go for them!

  • Light weight material: Our air dancers are made up of light weight material yet are of highly durable nature.
  • Don’t tear easily: They don’t rip easily, thus allowing you to use them in all sorts of weather conditions.
  • With and without blowers: These eye-catching, promotional air dancers come with and without blowers.
  • Variety of color options: We also entertain custom air dancers. Only at Payless you will get a number of colors to choose from!

So isn’t this all worth just $100? Browse our collection of air dancers for sale, and avail this wonderful offer before it’s too late!

Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man (Blower Included)

If you want the best quality air dancers with blower then you are at the just right shop! Air dancer inflatables are a great source of pocket-friendly advertisement. We see them at so many places and every time they never fail to get our attention. From fund raising events to Christmas parties, from promotional events to new-year nights, they have taken the world by storm.

Every air dancer needs a blower to function. And to make advertisements or parties hustle free for you, we offer our air dancers with blowers. Our blowers and air dancers are highly durable and resistant to harsh weather elements too! So isn’t it an amazing offer? So go grab your phone and contact us now!

Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man (Blower Not Included)

Payless is the best air dancer’s supplier in Houston Texas. Trusted by thousands of customers, we are proud to say that we produce the highest quality materials with most attractive designs. With our inflatable air dancers, we aim to make branding as pocket friendly as possible. Whether you are looking for a 10 ft. air dancer or a 20 ft. air dancer inflatable, air dancer with blower or without blower, we offer all what you are looking for! Search our products and experience the best inflatable quality products so far!

Inflatable Air Dancer Rental Near Me

Payless Balloons offering the best inflatable air dancers services with a special discount promotion in Houston, Texas, and Florida, USA at a very affordable cost.

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