5 Things To Consider When Thinking Of Inflatable Air Dancers

How to Choose Best Inflatable Air Dancer?

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5 Things To Consider When Thinking Of Inflatable Air Dancers

5 Things To Consider When Thinking Of Inflatable Air Dancers

What is Air Dancer Inflatable?

Inflatable tube man is also known as an air dancer and sky dancer. Originally it was called tallboy. It consists of a long fabric tube, powered by an electrical fan. The fan blows air through the fabric tube, which in turn causes the tube to move in a swinging motion. These air dancers are usually used for the purpose of brand promotion.

Are you searching for air dancers? Then following are some tips to be considered when going for air dancers;


The height of the air dancer is what matters when thinking to buy one. Taller is the air dancer; better the attention it gets because visibility is the key in business! People are more drawn towards huge, catchy, and engaging branding content. Payless’ air dancers come in various sizes from 10ft air dancer-30 ft. The dramatic effect that a 20 feet air dancer can cause can never be produced with a short inflatable tube man. That’s why it is important to pick an air dancer between 16 feet air dancers to 30 feet. Try Payless’ air dancers and see the flocking of customers into your business!


Psychology of color can be used for branding. It’s a very important element when it comes to a brand promotion. Payless’ air dancers come in screaming colors because we believe that COLORS DRAWS CROWDS. A dull and cranky inflatables tube man swaying from side to side gets very little attention.

Payless offers you custom air dancers with bold font designs, bright and ambitious colors of your choice! So contact us for these silly looking, somewhat goofy and extended product, and get your business the recognition it deserves!

TIP#3-Go for companies offering inflatable air dancers at affordable prices

What is better than an eye-catching advertisement of your brand at affordable rates? Payless offers custom air dancers’ at the most affordable prices for brand advertisement and occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, and New Year. Because we believe that every business no matter small or big, deserves attention! So explore our website and pay less on branding with Payless’ air dancers.

TIP#4-Quality of material

It is very important to pick an air dancer that is not just attractive but also long-lasting. We strongly believe in selling the best only! We use special high-quality fabric, designed for this exact purpose, for the construction of air dancer. No matter whether it is a plain air dancer or a holiday one, quality has always been our priority.

From celebrating important events to selling your business idea, these cheerful, funny, and colorful inflatable air dancers from us can assist you in achieving your targets in a much more charming way. Be it for brand promotion or birthday celebration, we have the finest quality air dancers that are aimed at making your events successful and unforgettable. So make people remember your brand’s name with Payless’ inflatable tube man.

TIP#5-Easy to put up and takedown

Payless’ air dancers are not just eye-catching and durable but are also easy to set up and take down and then stored for later use. They come with cases and can be operated with all types of blowers.

So purchase plain air dancers, holiday air dancers, or custom air dancers from us and add a unique touch to your celebrations!

Inflatable Air Dancer Rental Near Me

Payless Balloons offering the best inflatable air dancer services in Florida, USA at a very affordable cost.

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