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Boost Mobile Air Dancer

Boost Mobile Air Dancer

To steal the show, drop us a line now!

Are you planning to host an event, social gathering, or trade show? Thinking about how to draw customers to your venue? We can help! The only key to attract masses’ attention is visibility. But the majority of the advertisement tools are not economical. Nonetheless, if you want to create your brand’s hype in public in no time, then boost mobile air dancers are what you and your business need now. Boost mobile tube men are the best when it comes to stealing people’s attention even from a great distance. So contact us now or browse our portal to get these cute, low-priced, eye-catching marketing tools.

Metro By T-Mobile Air Dancer

The purple color of these Metro dancing tube men is itself enough to steal glances. The Metro T-Mobile inflatable tube man possesses the following features;

  • Logos: This air dancer comes with a T mobile logo printed on it. The hands are printed with free 4G lite and free phone messages.
  • Sizes: Its 10 ft. size is ideal for people with space issues. But if you have a greater space area then go for the 20 ft. size, as the bigger the better!
  • Excellent fabric quality: Our 10 ft. and 20 ft. mobile air dancers are popular for their durability. The high quality of inks and dyes allows them to resist color changes even on hot sunny days.
  • Easy Assembling and disassembling: Our tube men are easy to set up and takedown.
  • Works with all 12 inches blowers: Payless air dancers are universal in the case of blowers. This means that they not just work with Payless blowers but can also be operated from the blower of any brand.
  • Low-priced: Payless believes that all brands, whether big or small deserve advertisement. This is why all of our products are very economical.
  • Custom message addition: We also entertain custom messages, on-air dancers, on customer’s requests.

T-Mobile Air Dancers

Payless T-Mobile tube men are made in the USA. The fabric used in their manufacturing is high-strength polyamide nylon with a little amount of tarpaulin. They come in both 10 ft. and 20 ft. sizes. Their purple color is what draws people’s attention to the business. Moreover, if you are a T-Mobile dealer, then this is the best marketing tool for you. Because of their water and fade resistance characteristics, they last longer. They can be run with all types of Velcro blowers. So buy and set yours now and see the rush flowing into your business.

10 Ft Boost Mobile Air Dancer Tube Man

Do you want your business to stand out from the crowd? Does your business have tons of competitors around? Or are you setting your foot for the first time in this industry? Then Boost mobile 10 ft air dancer is the only solution to your many problems! 10 ft. mobile air dancers are ideal for;

Boost Mobile Advertising Products

  • Places: Crowded places including malls, restaurants, etc., where you get to encounter a lot of competitors, placing a funny, dancing character is surely a good idea. Also, children’s play areas should never be ignored when hyping up a brand. You can also get potential customers from their too.
  • Occasions: To maximize your returns, try our Boost mobile air dancers in occasions such as birthday parties, fundraising or brand marketing campaigns. Sports events, etc. You will surely love your decision.
  • Start-ups: The introduction of new start-ups encounters numerous challenges. Amongst them, the biggest one is the marketing issue. To overcome the issue of familiarizing a new startup to the customers, 10 Ft which is a standard size of air dancer plays an important role in it.
  • Boost mobile consumers: If you are a boost mobile retailer and want to draw tons of customers to your shop or stand on a daily basis, try our Boost mobile dancing tube man.

20 Ft Boost Mobile Air Dancer Tube Man

The height of this giant inflatable air dancer is itself enough to steal people’s glances and giggles. The air dancer comes with Boost mobile logo printed on it. Both of its hands are printed with free phone and free 4G lite messages. It comes with an eighteen inches diameter Velcro mount and a carry case to easily store, move and reuse. Since they are made of high-grade material that is why our products last longer than other similar suppliers. It is available in orange color. Go through this product on our portal to know more about it.

Top Boost Mobile Products For Sale

Below is a list of our amazing Boost mobile marketing products that can take your business where you have always wanted it to see.

  1. Air dancers: Air dancers stand at the top because they are the best in hyping up a brand. It is the human psyche that they are more attracted to funny and cheeky substances. So if you really want people to talk about your business, then try our 10 ft. or 20 ft. mobile air dancer.
  2. Table cloths: Advertisement in small areas is now possible with table cloths. No matter how small the area is, there is always room for a table. So try these newly launched, highly reasonable advertising tools and see the magic yourself!
  3. Feather flag: If you are looking for small branding utensils, then Payless feather flags are sure to go for. Our feather flags come in vibrant colors and different shapes. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are suitable for winds up to 18mph. Because of their small size, they can easily be taken from one place to another.
  4. Android inflatable: If you are an android retailer, then try our boost mobile inflatables. They work best with Boost mobile consumers.
  5. Backpack flag: If you are looking for economical and mobile advertising ways, then try using Payless Backpack flags.
  6. Car covers: Payless Boost mobile car covers are available in a universal size. They are waterproof and can protect your car from all harsh elements. Surf our portal and get to know more about this product.
  7. Giant character inflatables: All set to open your new restaurant? Or ready to launch your brand? Want people to recognize your outlet from far? If yes, then contact us for our giant inflatable characters including the mighty Gorilla, dog, etc.
  8. Inflatable costumes: This is a new and exciting way of advertisement. You can also use them at your child’s birthday party or on any other occasion.
  9. Tent covers: Payless offers you with tent covers of sizes including 5×5 ft. and 10×10 ft.
  10. Cellphone industry inflatable tube man

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